Cannabis Store Application Info

On April 5, 2018, Council approved proposed bylaw amendments that will facilitate the retail sale and consumption of legalized cannabis in Calgary.

Cannabis remains illegal as the exact date of cannabis legalization has not yet been confirmed by the federal government. The City’s approach to these regulations enables it to accept and process applications for cannabis stores in accordance with Council’s rules, but to only begin to make decisions on them once the exact date of legalization and the requirements in the regulations is known and the federal and provincial law is in force. ​

This is to provide you with some information from The City’s Planning & Development department related to the regulations for cannabis businesses.

Some key pieces of information about cannabis businesses for community associations: 

  • Council has approved a new definition for cannabis retailing in the Land Use Bylaw. This new use is called Cannabis Store and is like the approach used for liquor stores, with unique rules and guidelines.
  • Detailed information on the regulations for land uses, permits and application requirements for Cannabis Stores and other cannabis businesses are available online at
  • Cannabis Store uses are discretionary which means the applications will be managed through the development permit process, including circulation, notice posting, and opportunity for appeals.
  • The City will begin to accept online applications for Cannabis Stores on Tuesday, April 24 at 8:00 am MT.
  • Community Associations will be circulated for comment on these applications and should expect to start seeing these applications being circulated (at the earliest) the week of May 7.

Cannabis Store Locations Map

If you are interested in seeing the cannabis store applications in your community, please visit the Cannabis Store Locations map, which is current based on submitted applications and is updated daily.  The map can be found at: