Your feedback

The City of Calgary’s Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (EAGCS) aims to identify short-term actions to help support established communities as they experience redevelopment and welcome additional members to their communities.

At this stage of the project (phase 1), they are looking for feedback on a preliminary list of potential projects to better understand the challenges and opportunities in our community.

After reviewing this list:

  1. Are there any additional projects you would want to see added to this list?
  2. Do you have any comments on the listed projects?
  3. Are there any projects that most closely match your community values in response to growth?
  4. Are there any projects shown or projects that can be added to this list that would improve the quality of life in your community as it may grow and change?

Please email us your feedback by Dec. 11, 2019 to

The Rosscarrock Community Association will compile your feedback and share it with the City, who will use this information to start a discussion on short-term opportunities.

Click here for more information about the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy.