Girls Empowerment Workshop Grades 6 to 9

Come Join us at Rosscarrock Community Hall on October 28th 2:00pm-4:00pm

Sometimes it is hard to believe in yourself. It is even more difficult when you feel pressured to look, act, speak and fit into the boxes that others build for you. Join Rebecca with Boundless Wellness Coaching for a fun and interactive empowerment session where we will take a look at what is hard about being a girl in this world and how we can equip ourselves to live into the strong, confident girls that we are! Learn to view your body, mind, and heart as uniquely awesome and to set boundaries to protect your confidence. We are amazing, and we are enough: let’s learn to believe that together :).

Things to bring: comfy shoes, a notebook/pen or pencil, a bottle of water, and Your AWESOME self! :).

RCA Member $10.00

NON-RCA Member $15.00

Payments for this workshop must be made at the Hall office by no later than Oct 20th

Girls Empowerment Workshop
Girls Empowerment Workshop with Holistic Coach Rebecca Gilbertson FRIDAY OCTOBER 28th 2:00- 4:00