About Us

The Community of Rosscarrock was established in 1954 in southwest Calgary. It is part of Ward 8 represented by city councillor Evan Woolley.

Rosscarrock is bounded to the north by Bow Trail; to the east by 33rd Street; to the south by 17th Avenue, and to the west by 45th Street. Westbrook Mall is located in the north-east corner of the neighbourhood. We are the proud home of the Nicholls Family Library, located at the Westbrook LRT Station. 

Rosscarrock is home to a diverse population, which we celebrate through a variety of events throughout the year.

What does the Rosscarrock Community Association do?

  • Discusses community items through monthly meetings
  • Represents Rosscarrock to the City of Calgary
  • Liaises with the City of Calgary regarding Development and Traffic matters
  • Maintains and improves the Rosscarrock Community Hall
  • Organizes community events, such as the annual community clean-up, holiday parties, and more.
  • Supports programming for seniors, adults and children
  • Contributes to the Ross-Character Community Newsletter

The Board of directors

The Rosscarrock Community Association Board of Directors is elected annually during the Annual General Meeting in June. Board members typically sit for a two-year term. 

We are always looking forward to welcoming new board members. Contact us if you are interested in joining the board.


  • Hanna Oh, President
  • Terry Paukstat, Vice-President
  • OPEN POSITION, Secretary
  • Luke Petan, Treasurer
  • Aurelie Maerten, Director of Communications and Membership
  • Lori Olijnyk, Director of Development
  • Erin Thompson, Director of Garden and Events


Board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Rosscarrock Community Hall.
Please note: there are no meetings in July, August and December, but there is an additional meeting in early January.

The board  meetings are an opportunity for community members to discuss issues within the community and bring forward questions, concerns and ideas. 

Contact us if you would like the opportunity to speak as a guest at our meetings or if you would like to request past meeting minutes.