ROSSCARROCK DP2022-02179 4204 7 AV SW (R-CG). New: Accessory Residential Building, Rowhouse Building, Secondary Suite – Attached Below Grade. APPEAL BOARD: SDAB

ROSSCARROCK DP2022-04773 1125 41 ST SW (R-C2). Temporary Use: Home Occupation – Class 2 (Reiki – 18 months). APPEAL BOARD: SDAB

ROSSCARROCK DP2022-01517 913 38 ST SW (M-C1). New: Multi-Residential Development (1 building). APPEAL BOARD: SDAB

ROSSCARROCK DP2022-04246 920 41 ST SW (R-C2). Relaxation: Single Detached Dwelling (existing) – building setback from side property line, balcony (existing) – projection into side setback. APPEAL BOARD: SDAB

ROSSCARROCK DP2022-03531 1200 37 ST SW (DC 62D2009, DC 66D2009, DC 65D2009, DC 67D2009, DC 68D2009). Change of Use: Health Care Service – relaxation of location. APPEAL BOARD: SDAB

major capital projects

Currently the City of Calgary is planning three major capital projects in our community. These projects will impact residents and businesses in our community. At first instance, these projects may all seem the same, but they are approached differently, at different times, by different planning groups.

This guidebook is a new approach (it will replace the Developed Areas Guidebook) to help to advance a people-centred approach to community evolution by focusing on where life and activity occurs, and planning development to support it. It provides an urban form classification system to be applied through the local area planning process and policies to direct planning applications.

How could this affect you?

  • land use zoning – “blanket” changes to areas allowing for increased density, transit-oriented development, secondary suites and commercial zoning
  • infrastructure—sidewalks, bike lanes, speed control, traffic calming, traffic lights
  • transportation options and routes, (no) parking zones, parking passes
  • public realm—streets, squares, parks, green spaces and other outdoor places that require no key to access them and are available without charge for everyone to use. E.g. space around CTrain stations, pathway systems, kiddy parks
  • activities that are inclusive to young and those ageing in place
  • amenities
  • construction schedule

The communities of Wildwood, Spruce Cliff, Westgate, Rosscarrock, Shaganappi, Glendale, Killarney / Glengarry, Glenbrook and the portions of Upper Scarboro / Sunalta West and Richmond that are west of Crowchild Trail, anticipate increased growth and redevelopment over the new few decades.

This project will address how to make the best use of limited land—balancing the need to increase density (land use redesignations allowing for multi-level apartments and commercial projects), improve mobility (aging in place—barrier free, alternative transportation like bike lanes) and enhance places and spaces to live, work and play. It will identify urban form classifications.

A Main Street is the cultural, social and economic focal point of a community. As the heart of the community, a Main Street is vibrant by design—they allow for a wider variety of uses (e.g. retail space and offices) and mixed housing options, to support the higher density of development necessary to support that variety of uses. Main Streets are places where people in a community can live and come together to enjoy a variety of activities.

The City of Calgary Main Streets program released the 37 Street SW Streetscape Master Plan and the 17 Avenue SW Streetscape Master Plan. Construction is set to start in the spring of 2020, completing in 2021.

Your feedback

Let us know if you have specific concerns or great ideas on each project mentioned above, that we can present to the City of Calgary’s Planning and Development teams.


Find information about active applications.

In the spring of 2019, the Rosscarrock Community Association collaborated with our neighbouring communities of Westgate and Glendale in The Urban Lab, a research group of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at the University of Calgary.

Check out the four reports with design concepts for our communities, created by students by clicking on the images.