Transit Update

The 2019 Transit Service Review has completed our initial phase of public engagement. We had a great turnout, and heard from thousands of customers online and at open houses. We are working through the feedback from customers, to make adjustments and revisions to improve the plan.

Reviewing comments from customers using today’s Routes 13, 18, and 112, it was determined that incorporating this feedback into the plan requires a more significant level of change to be considered.

As a result, Calgary Transit is coming to talk with customers for a second round of engagement in this area. This provides an opportunity for residents and customers to let us know if the revisions help address concerns shared previously, and also understand and mitigate new concerns that may arise. Phase two will include both customers on routes already within the Review as well as some routes that were not part of the initial engagement.

This second phase of engagement will occur between June 3 and 17 and will include open houses and online comment opportunities.

The routes in the other impacted areas are being modified to reflect the input that we heard in the first phase of engagement while keeping in mind the project objectives, the network design and the budget. The What We Heard Report will be shared in the summer and the revised routes will be shared in the fall.