WHEN: June 25th 9:00am to 2:00pm

WHERE: Rosscarrock Community Hall

Please Note what you can and cannot Bring to Clean up Day

Do not Bring the following items

 Tires                                                        Glass                                  Railroad Ties

Household Chemicals                             Paint                                 Car Batteries

Home Appliances                                    Microwaves                      Sod or Dirt

Propane Tanks                                        Liquids

You are welcome to bring the following:

Metal                                                                Your Bottles

Computers                                                       Personal Documents that Need to Be Shredded

Tvs                                                                   Furniture

Other Electronics                                           Old Lumber

Broken Athletic Equipment i.e.. Treadmills, Ellipticals


Patio Furniture

NOTE: The Drop In Center will be on site collecting donations as well.

These are the Items they will accept

Bed Frames, Box Springs, and Mattresses (without rips, tears, or stains)

 Can Openers

Couches (without rips, tears, or stains)


 Kitchen Tables


 Men’s and Women’s Underwear



 Travel Size Hygiene Supplies

General Items We Accept:

 Clothing, Linens, and Towels

Computers and Electronics

Gently Used to New Furniture

 Household Miscellaneous, kitchenware, and Small Appliances

 Hygiene Supplies

Items They do not accept are the following:

But Most of these Items can be placed on a free item table or placed into
the packing trucks


Broken Furniture

Car Seats, Cribs, High Chairs, Strollers

Electric Exercise Equipment


Home Renovation Items

King Size Beds

Large Appliances

Large Glass Hutches

Large Office Furniture

Patio Furniture

Yard Maintenance Supplies