Recycling & Waste Management News from The City of Calgary

Take part in the foam recycling pilot

A six-month pilot project began on May 13 to collect foam packaging (also known as Styrofoam) for recycling at any of our three City landfills. Calgarians can bring foam packaging for recycling to the designated area at a landfill free of charge.

Calgarians can bring clean foam with no food residue, tape, glue, or labels. Examples include:

  • Shipping foam packaging (ex: foam that protects new electronics).
  • Foam egg cartons.
  • Foam meat trays with absorbent pads removed.
  • Foam take-out containers.
  • White and colored foam. No black polystyrene foam.

Can’t take foam to the landfill? Put it in the black cart as garbage. Do not put in blue cart. Foam breaks into small pieces in collection trucks causing contamination and lowering the market quality of the other recyclables.

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The City of Calgary is excited to announce the development of a new Climate & Environment Dashboard. This innovative tool will provide Calgarians with up-to-date information and data on how we are progressing towards our climate and environmental goals.

The dashboard will feature:

  • Metrics to track The City’s progress towards long-term climate and environmental goals
  • Actionable steps residents can take to help achieve these goals
  • Updates on key actions The City is taking

To ensure this dashboard meets the needs and expectations of Calgarians, we are seeking feedback from residents on elements of its content and its functionality. This feedback will be crucial in helping us prioritize the tools, metrics, and information included in the dashboard, and will guide how we communicate with residents about our climate and environment work.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share information about this initiative with your members and encourage them to participate in our online survey, open until June 14. Their input will help shape the final version of the dashboard, which is set to launch in July.

You can find the survey and additional information here: